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Welcome to CYP Academy. Relevant and fascinating topics.

Classes by Rabbi Shmuel Neft

Starting Wednesday, March 6 – The Dilemma

Not every debate needs a bottom line.

Sometimes, the dialogue itself is everything.

Introducing our new course, THE DILEMMA: step in to the study halls of Babylonia, and take an active role in discussions that are thousands of years old, and yet relevant as ever.

SPECIAL INCENTIVE: Complete the course to receive a $200 voucher that can be applied to any of CYP’s life-changing encounters or trips!

Wednesdays at 8:30 PM. Location will be sent to you upon acceptance into the course.

Wednesday Mar. 6

No Good Deed Unpunished

Wednesday Mar. 13

Above the Law

Wednesday Mar. 20

Windfall Wrangles

Wednesday Mar. 27

Making the Right Turn

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Courses are free of charge.
Every participant in CYP Academy will receive a $200 USD credit towards any Chabad Young Professionals trip (i.e. Guatemala, New York City, and more) upon completion of each course.

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