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JRCC Rockford is also a career accelerator for Jewish students designed to bring collaboration, fun and purpose into your career path. You’ll also get the chance to meet leaders and mentors who value your ideas and share your values.

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Kosher Your Kitchen

What is Kosher?

The Hebrew word kosher means “fit.” The kosher laws define the foods that are fit for consumption for a Jew. The kosher laws were commanded by G‑d to the Children of Israel in the Sinai desert. Moses taught them to the people and wrote the basics of these laws in Leviticus 11 and Deuteronomy 14; the details and particulars were handed down through the generations and eventually written down in the Mishnah and Talmud. To these were added various ordinances enacted through the generations by the rabbinical authorities as “safeguards” for the biblical laws.

Get your Kitchen Kosher

Embarking on the journey to maintain a kosher home? Our Kitchen Koshering Service offers invaluable guidance as you embrace this transformative lifestyle. Our seasoned experts will lead you through every step, from assessing your kitchen’s current state to implementing the necessary changes to meet kosher standards. With our support, your kitchen will become a space where the richness of Jewish values and traditions seamlessly blend with your daily routine. Experience the satisfaction of knowing your home reflects your commitment to a kosher lifestyle, as our Kitchen Koshering Service helps you navigate this meaningful transition with ease and confidence.

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Jewish Identity Grants

Judaism embodies a powerful idea, one the world sorely needs to hear. It’s a revolutionary force, turning ordinary lives into lives of profound meaning. From observing Shabbat to embracing kosher laws, Judaism reminds us of deeper values beyond wealth accumulation.


A mezuzah on the door signifies a higher purpose in our homes. These teachings are lessons the world must urgently learn: that each person holds inherent value, morality is absolute, and we are partners with G‑d in creating a better world. Yet, sometimes, the cost of observance can impede commitment. To alleviate this, the JRCC offers Jewish Identity Grants to those aiming to deepen their Jewish connection but facing financial constraints.

If you’re a Jewish Ontario resident from the FSU, you can apply for these grants to enhance your Jewish identity. By speaking with one of our rabbis and completing the application, you can access this community service, ensuring that cost doesn’t hinder your journey of growth and connection to Judaism.

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Tefillin (תְּפִלִּין) are sacred black leather boxes containing Hebrew parchment scrolls, a vital component of Jewish tradition worn daily by Jewish men and boys. Each set includes two tefillin—one for the head and one for the arm, comprising the scrolls, the box, and the strap. As per the Torah’s command (Deut. 6:8), Jewish men bind tefillin onto their head and upper arm on weekdays, creating a profound connection to the Divine, fulfilling G‑d’s will, and serving as a personal reminder to strive for spiritual growth. Beyond the individual, tefillin connect people to their ancestral past and pave the way for a future where this timeless tradition continues.

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Hair Covering

Hair covering holds transformative power, establishing a boundary between the wearer and the world, allowing beauty to shine while safeguarding privacy.

Wigs strike the perfect balance, preserving attractiveness while preserving personal space. The JRCC Shaitel Grant supports this harmony by offering up to $250 for a shaitel, honoring the intertwining of modesty and beauty in Jewish tradition.

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The JRCC Jewish Discovery Scholarship offers financial assistance to help young men and women from the FSU. Find out more about and connect with their Jewish roots, with a choice of several educational institutions in Israel, New York and New Jersey.

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JRCC Book Store

Explore a world of Jewish knowledge and culture at our Jewish Bookstore and Judaica Shop. From timeless texts to exquisite ritual items, our collection offers a diverse range of resources and treasures that celebrate the essence of Jewish heritage. Whether you’re seeking wisdom, inspiration, or unique gifts, our store invites you to discover the richness of Jewish traditions and values that resonate through generations.

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